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Our Top 10 Ciders of 2019

We tasted a lot of ciders in 2019 – I don’t even try to count anymore, but a few hundred would be a reasonable estimate. Since we’re pretty discerning and know what we like, we enjoyed most of them. It’s impossible to say what the “best” ciders were as that’s entirely subjective, but we did have some personal favorites. So, in no particular order, these were our top 10 favorite ciders we tasted in 2019!

1. Eden Specialty Ciders Guinevere’s Pearls/Siren Song Starting with a tie, because these two were absolutely sublime. Guinevere’s Pearls balanced acid and sweetness perfectly, while Siren Song could have drowned me in acidic and tannic astringency.


Left: Guinevere's Pearls (flanked by two other fantastic ciders), Right: Siren Song

2. ANXO Happy Trees This blend of heirloom apples, fermented in wood with native yeast is one of the most authentic cider experiences we found in cans. Completely dry and easy-drinking, a great “everyday” cider.


ANXO Happy Trees and Grand Cru

3. Foggy Ridge Final Call

Foggy Ridge’s swan song epitomizes how orchard-based cider can truly communicate terroir. Full fruit flavor, soft tannins, crisp acidity – all from heirloom apples grown in their orchard.


Final Call on the final day of 2019

4. Ash & Elm Bourbon Barrel Fickle Flame

Our first pyro-concentrated cider and we loved it. Baked apple, charred wood, and vanilla notes make this cider as warm as it is smooth. Balanced sweetness and lovely sipper at 13.5% ABV.


Seriously, look at that color - it's beautiful!

5. West County Redfield

A single variety cider made from the red-fleshed Redfield. Sharp apple gives way to red berries, sour cherry, and tart pineapple. Piquant and tannic, this cider kept me coming back for more.


We love red-fleshed apples

6. Longueville House Mór

“Mór” means “big” in Irish and this apple brandy barrel-aged cider lives up to its name. Semi-dry and tannic with full bittersweet apple flavor, elevated by smooth oak and warming brandy.


Picture from our 2018 visit, but it tasted even better in 2019!

7. BottleHouse Chorus

Cleveland’s BottleHouse is serious about their cider. Chorus is made from Ohio-grown heirloom and cider apples, a rarity, but the payoff is an invitingly complex, real-deal, local (to us) cider.


Left: Chorus Heirloom Cider, RIght: Aria Goldrush Cider

8. Aaron Burr Cider Homestead Locational Cider – 2015 Summitville

Another terroir-driven cider, but from uncultivated, foraged apples. Big bittersharp apple flavor, tart but not overly acidic. Tannins show up halfway through and linger long after the dry finish.


Contents under pressure

9. Albemarle Cidermaker’s Choice #5

A blend of 3 American and 3 European cider apples. Dry, but fresh apple flavor remains prominent. Approachable, soft tannins and clean acidity. One of the few ciders we totally agree on!


Cidermaker's Choice #5 along with some of Albemarle's finest

10. Embark Craft Ciderworks Golden Russet

2017 Harvest Golden Russet cider slightly sweetened by 2018 harvest Golden Russet juice. Aromas of peaches, mangoes, and honey meld with fresh apple. Astringent and mineral, off-dry finish.


Pre-release unlabeled bottle, but it's what's inside that matters

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