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#TBT: Original Sin Extra Dry

From time to time (and predominantly on Thursdays) I'll be posting a review on a cider I've tasted before. It's Throwback Thursday, The Cider Seeker Style. This is valuable exercise because I'm always tasting and learning more about cider. Sometimes I'll be revisiting an old standby, other times I'll give a cider a shot at redemption. Today is the former.

Original Sin Cider

Original Sin Extra Dry - the first time I had it, it was tied for the #1 spot in my top 3 favorite ciders. Since then, I've tasted a lot of great ciders and my cider scoreboard has gotten much more complex.

I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Gidon Coll, founder and president of Original Sin during a tap takeover at a local cider bar. He brought a selection of culinary, heirloom and cider apples from his orchard for us to examine, smell and taste. His passion for the cider, the apples, and the industry was apparent overall. And he brought a keg of OS Extra Dry. A great event all around.

Let's see how his cider holds up.


Very light straw color, brilliantly clear. Light carbonation.


Fresh green apple and citrus with a yeasty backnote.


Light green apples and tangerine up front. The dissolved co2 releases lots of little bubbles on the tongue which leads to clean, bright green apple acid balanced by earthy yeast. Even though it's clean and light, there's some body to it that reinforces that this is real cider.


Clean, dry and astringent. Lingering citrus zest and yeast.


OS Extra Dry is a simple, dry modern American cider and is a nearly perfect execution of the style. The balance of yeast/earth and acid is fantastic. I'm not sure what varieties of fresh new York apples are used in the blend, but after learning how many Gidon cultivates, there are probably some interesting ones. Maybe that's what gives this cider the edge of so many of the others in the same category? I would keep this cider around all the time, but it's gotten harder and harder to find. Hopefully that changes.

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