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#IWD2019 and Cider Review: Foggy Ridge First Fruit

As we celebrate International Women's Day 2019, I encourage you to enjoy and share cider made by women-owned or operated businesses. Founders, cidermakers, owners, leaders, influencers, administrators, marketers, advocates, and more – the ciderverse is full of remarkable women. Pick that cider not only because of these amazing, talented, knowledgeable and skilled women, but because they are making some of the world’s best cider.

For example, Diane Flynt, Cidermaker and Orchardist at Foggy Ridge in Virginia, was making heritage cider before it was cool. Even though Diane decided to step away from cidermaking in 2017 to focus on her cider apple orchards, her contributions to the world of cider cannot be overstated. Diane and Foggy Ridge continue to support the cider industry by hosting events on orcharding, cider apples, and orchard-based cider, as well as by selling proper cider apples to other cidermakers.

Foggy Ridge First Fruit

For this reason, First Fruit by Foggy Ridge is a great choice. Made from early-season cider apples, you might expect this cider to lack the complexity that late-season apples bring. Spoiler alert: It doesn’t.


Pale golden yellow, sparkling clarity and lightly carbonated.


Fresh apples and floral pear. Very aromatic, but straightforward in those aromas.


Huge hits of crisp, juicy, and fresh apples come first. Then the pear and lemon zest show up. They're followed by bright but not puckering malic acidity which remains the whole way through.


Semi-dry with drying acidic astringency. Not a lot of body, but very crisp and clean apple flavor without any funk or adjuncts to distract from it. There's the slightest hint of tannin from the Hewe's Crab that comes through at the very end.


On the first sip, I thought "this is an absolutely fantastic cider," and that didn’t change. I savored each sip, knowing this is a cider I may never taste again. Ashley pointed out that it improves with every sip, and I agree fully. It just keeps getting better. Even with all of the acid this cider packs, it’s incredibly smooth. If you happen to come across a bottle of Foggy Ridge Cider, First Fruit or otherwise, buy it. What’s left is all that will be, and to miss an opportunity to enjoy any of Diane’s ciders would be a shame.

This cider is best poured at cellar temperature – it was chilled but not cold when I opened it, but as it warmed up the aromas and juicy fresh apple flavor exploded.

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