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Cider Review: Woodchuck Sangria

I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but cider is essentially wine made from apples instead of grapes. Much of the equipment and methodology are shared between cider and wine making. With this close relationship, it’s not much of a stretch to see why wine-like ciders are popping up. Just look at the rosé cider boom (not complaining, there are some fantastic rosé ciders out there!).

Woodchuck Sangria

Woodchuck’s Sangria style cider is positioned along with their Bubbly Rose and Bubbly Pearsecco to appeal to both cider and wine drinkers. They make it very clear that this is a sangria-inspired cider, not sangria exactly. That’s not a bad thing – just don’t open a can expecting traditional sangria. Their description states that “Sangria is a semi-sweet cider, showcasing balanced notes of red wine, bright acidity, and berry [with a] full-bodied mouthfeel, complimented by a light carbonation, and a subtle sweetness at the finish.” With that in mind, let’s taste it!

(Full disclosure: Woodchuck sent us a sample of Sangria to try.)

Woodchuck Sangria


Deep ruby red with light carbonation. Though the color is dark, the cider is clear with no haze or sediment.


Berries, berries and more berries. Raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, and maybe a hint of sweet black cherry as well.


Sweet red berries up front followed by a general fruitiness. If I knew more about red wine I could probably draw some comparisons here. A welcome amount of acidity is present all throughout and helps maintain a clean palate.


Semi-sweet with lingering red fruit notes. A little tartness sticks around to keep the sweetness in check.

Overall (and honest opinion, unbiased by Woodchuck’s generosity in sending us a sample):

Sangria is a fun cider made for hot summer days. It takes inspiration from sangria but drinks like a cider thanks to its relatively low ABV, which actually makes it more refreshing. There’s a nice balance between the two drinks, with something to offer for those who like either or both. To be honest it’s sweeter than what I’d normally go for but I'm glad to see that no artificial colors or flavors have been added. If you like sweeter ciders, fruity ciders, and/or sangria, I think you’ll really enjoy this one.

Serving suggestion:

Enjoy it cold, and though it stands alone just fine, throw an orange slice and some berries in if you're feeling adventurous.

Sangria is available now, on draft and in 12oz 6-packs. It’s distributed nationally so you should be able to find it wherever Woodchuck is sold!

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