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Cider Review: Wölffer 139 Dry White Cider

At its core (a pun already?) cider is just wine made from apples instead of grapes. It's a fermented drink made from the juice of pressed fruit, and the cider making process shares a great deal with the wine making process, from the tools to the methods to the yeast itself. Because of this, I'm never surprised to find a cider made from an established winery.

Wolffer Cider

Wölffer Estate is a modern winery located in the Hamptons of Long island, New York, USA. We found their No. 139 Dry White Cider while in Nashville and brought some back to taste at home. I'm finally getting to this review on the 4th and last bottle, so I've already tried it a few times. Oh and before I get into the review - if you're in the UK, worry not, this white cider shares part of its name only with the "white cider" you may be familiar with.


Pale straw and completely clear. Very light and quickly dissipating carbonation that left small, medium and large bubbles in my glass.


Floral pear, apple and hints of citrus.


It's very wine-like, reminiscent of a Pinot Grigio (which is fine by me as that's my go-to dry white wine). It's slightly floral but not perfumy. Crisp apple and pear notes are followed by bright lemon, lime and tangerine. Lovely bright acidity greatest a tingling sensation on the middle of the tongue.


Dry and slightly mineral while remaining crisp and bright.


Keeping in mind that this is a winery's take on cider, this is a very good modern cider. It could easily take the place of a dry white wine and would be lovely to accompany fish, both in a glass to drink and as a poaching liquid. There is enough apple and pear flavor to remind you that it's a cider, but it's not the most cider-y cider out there. That's okay though, because it's clean, crisp and easy to drink. If you're a wine drinker who's thinking about trying cider, start here.

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