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Cider Review: Roots Cider Company Traditional Cider

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

A few months ago we were visiting family in Nashville, TN. Like all other completely normal and sane people, going on a roadtrip means I am obligated to spend the week leading up to the trip scouting out local cider producers, cider bars and bottle shops. Fortunately my efforts paid off and we came back to Ohio with a trunk full of new-to-us cider, one of which was Roots Cider Company's Traditional Hard Cider.

Roots Cider Company Cider

I always enjoy trying new ciders, especially when they're from a company I've never had anything from. This was the first time I had even heard of the Roots Cider company though. A quick internet search tells me that while Roots is a Tennessee-based company, this cider is fermented and blended in New York.

Having previously performed some very complicated quality control tests on a few bottles, I feel it's time to give it a full review. The only twist comes in the form of the cap - which gave me some trouble when I tried to pry it off - probably because it was a twist-off. I should remember that by now but I don't encounter many twist-off bottle ciders.

Into the tulip glass it goes, releasing a decent amount of quickly dissipating carbonation as it is poured.

Appearance: Pale straw, completely clear. Light carbonation.


Fresh apple, slightly floral.


This is a simple cider. Clean fruit flavors of apple, pear and a bit of lemon come through. Malic acid hits midway through the fruit and lingers.


Semi-dry with bright acid balanced by light sweetness. Slight acidic astringency.


This is a straightforward modern cider. It doesn't claim to be much and for that reason it doesn't disappoint. It's got a bit of sweetness balanced by acidity. While it doesn't have body or tannins that make it extremely interesting, its clean flavor makes it easy to drink.

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