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Cider Review: North Country Honey Badger

Did you know that most ciders are made from a blend of juice from multiple apple varieties? Some heirloom and cider apples like the famous Kingston Black, among others, do make a fantastic single variety cider, but most lack the balance of sugar, acid, and tannin needed for a great cider. However, single variety ciders made from “eating” apples like Honeycrisp are available and gaining momentum.

North Country Honey Badger
Honey Badger don't care

North Country Cider’s Honey Badger is made from 100% Maine-grown Honeycrisp apples. I’ve had other Honeycrisp single variety ciders in the past, some were pretty good while others were just bland. I even did a 1-gallon Honeycrisp batch myself and found it lost most of its fresh apple character after fermenting to dryness. However, I was excited to try this one and compare it to the others I’ve already tasted.

North Country Honey Badger


Yellow and slightly hazy, lively carbonation on pouring that lasts, forming a small head that mellows out to a thick ring of bubbles around the glass.


Fresh, sweet and ripe apples, nothing more and nothing less.


It’s like biting into a Honeycrisp apple with fresh apple flavor all the way. A surprising but welcome amount of acidity balances out the natural sweetness. This isn’t a complex cider but it retains great apple flavor for a single variety cider.


It's coming in on the drier end of semi-sweet with the perfect amount of acidity for the sweetness level. Surprisingly it has some viscosity and body to it - not a ton but way more than I expected from an eating apple.


Clean and simple, this cider surprised us both. At only 4.75% I expected it to be too sweet (as low ABV ciders are usually sweet) for my preference but it wasn't. It’s bursting with fresh apple aroma and flavor so I’m assuming a cold and slow fermentation process was used to retain as much of the Honeycrisp’s character as possible. This proves that simple culinary apples can be used to create a good single variety cider when well executed.

Serving Suggestion: Enjoy cold and on its own. The apple flavors and aromas are present but would be easily overpowered.

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