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Cider Review: Fairweather Common

One of the most exciting things about being The Cider Seeker is seeking out cider. But what does one who seeks cider do when they've exhausted their local options? My recommendation (and practice) is to meet other self-proclaimed cider nerds. In doing so, one will make contacts from all over that can pass along and/or exchange their local cider that would otherwise be out of reach.

Fairweather Common Cider

Fairweather Cider, for example, is a small cider company out of the Austin, Texas area who recently celebrated their first anniversary. They are not available in Ohio, but here we are with a can of their Common cider. Their cider is made from apples from the Pacific Northwest and their Common is described as a farmhouse style cider that is both dry and refreshing.


Opaque yellow, some yeasty deposits floating around. Lots of carbonation when poured that calms to a to moderate carbonation with medium sized bubbles.


Wet straw and barnyard notes and slightly overripe fruit. Funky and every so slightly acetic.


Unfortunately I'm not picking up many enjoyable flavors. It seems oxidized and musty. There's a bit of wet cardboard and dusty wood? In the middle and toward the finish there are some fruity esters and a bit of green apple, but that may be acetaldehyde.


There may be some tannins trying to come through, but if they are, they're fighting with less desirable flavors. It is dry, but it leaves my mouth feeling like it's full of dust rather than leaving a pleasant astringency or acidic brightness.


I did not enjoy this cider. I think there's still good in it, but it fell short of checking any boxes for me other than being dry. I like farmhouse style ciders - funk, yeast, astringency, and acetic acid don't scare me. There's a sharpness to this one but it's not bright or acetic - it's more oxidized. The can seemed sealed, but perhaps air got at it somehow anyhow? I'm not here to talk negatively about an up-and-coming cidery and I don't think this reflects on Fairweather Cider overall. I'm thinking I got a "bad can" and look forward to trying this and other ciders from them again in the future. Have you had Fairweather Common cider, and if so, what did you think of it?

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