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Cider Review: Diskin Six One Five

I’ve mentioned in the past that whenever I travel, I seek out cideries and ciders that I don’t have access to at home. It came as no great surprise to Ashley when, as we were planning our trip to Nashville to visit her sister, that I mentioned I found a cidery I wanted to visit. We extended an open invitation to all of the family that would be present, and once we were in town and settled, made our way downtown.

Diskin Six One Five

If, and rightfully when, you want to escape the madness which is Broadway (no offense if you’re into the Honky Tonk buses full of half-dressed drunk guys singing “Red Solo Cup”) you can visit Diskin Cider. Diskin has a wonderful cidery with a large indoor/outdoor tasting area were we enjoyed food, flights, and cider cocktails. To top off our visit, Adam Diskin, one of the minds behind it all, took the time to talk cider with us and lead us on an impromptu mini-tour. It was a great experience and I highly recommend stopping by if visiting Nashville.

On to the cider – I brought back two packs and today we’re looking at Six One Five. Six One Five is a fruit tea cider described as having pineapple, orange, and lemon with Southern tea.


Amber and very clear with minimal, fine deposits. Light carbonation quickly dissipates.


Berries and floral pineapple, not much else.


Sweet berries up front followed by much more noticeable oranges, pineapple, and general tropical fruit. Light tannin from the tea helps to balance out the sweetness. Fresh apple juice rounds everything out and leads into the finish.


Semi-sweet but balanced by citric acid and tea tannin. Lingering tropical fruit, apples and mixed berries.


For being on the sweeter end of my preferences I enjoyed this cider. I think the tea really helps with rounding it out for me. It's well balanced, none of the flavors overtake the cider, and nothing tastes fake or forced. Six One Five is a little out of place during the winter in Ohio, but it would be very sessionable on a hot summer day. I think I'll save the rest for that situation exactly.

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