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Cider Review: Bantam Buzzwig

A while back I was able to procure some ciders from New England that are not normally found here in Ohio. I haven't had a chance to try any of them due to having so many other ciders to sample (not a bad problem to have, I'm not complaining). I decided to change that.

Bantam Buzzwig Cider

Buzzwig is the third cider I've had from Bantam Cider of Somerville, Massachusetts. I had Rojo on draft in Chicago and found cans of The Americain during the same trip. From those, it seems their ciders lean sweet, but I've not been disappointed yet.

Appearance: Opaque, straw-like yellow with sediment. Light and short-lived carbonation, tiny bubbles.

Aroma: Floral citrus, orange and grapefruit rind, with the tiniest hoppy notes.

Flavor: Juicy ripe apples up front followed by sweet melon and mango. Smooth yeast and slightly bitter green earth cover almost all acidity but some hits the front and side of the tongue if you “chew” on the cider a bit.

Finish: Semi-sweet to sweet, but never cloying. Light body but not paper-thin. Bitter earthiness lingers. Hops don’t really come through until the end and even then, they’re not very noticeable. (Ashley disagrees with this, but she doesn't like hops at all so she's much more sensitive to them.)

Overall: I enjoyed this cider despite its sweetness. For reasons that are beyond my current understanding of how flavors in cider work, I find unfiltered sweet ciders far more palatable than sweet filtered ciders. This tastes like a summer cider – juicy and tropical fruit notes throughout remind me of warmer days. The faintest hint of hops shows up in the bitter end, but this is the least hoppy hopped cider I’ve tried. This cider is sweeter than I would normally go for but I’m not mad at it.

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