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Cider Review: ANXO District Dry

When I first started seeking cider, I used its packaging as a sort of litmus test for the quality of the product. There were exceptions, but for the most part, common cider came in 12oz and pint bottles or cans and premium cider came in larger formats, usually a 750ml bottle with various closures. Over the last few years, that method has become less and less reliable as more premium producers move toward canning their cider. Case in point: ANXO offers their entire lineup of cider in 12oz cans.

Anxo District Dry

District Dry is the first ANXO cider I’m tasting properly (read: not at CiderCon with “fatigued” taste buds). All ANXO cider is made from apples only: in the case of District Dry, it’s Grimes Golden, Rhode Island Greening, and Winesap – all sourced within 265 miles of the cidery. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel with a mix of native yeast and cultured wine yeast.

Anxo District Dry


Pale yellow and hazy, with medium carbonation on pouring that calms quickly, but swirling the class brings the bubbles back.


Fresh (but not sweet) apples and earth.


Straightforward apple – not exaggerated by flavorings or hidden by adjuncts, because neither of those things are present in ANXO cider. Woody tannins balance the malic acid and hints of native yeast fermentation are present but not excessive.


Completely dry with stony minerality, similar to a very dry white wine. Unlike a wine, carbonation scrubs the palate clean and leaves you ready for the next sip.


This is an extremely easy-drinking cider. District Dry will satisfy the cider snob without scaring away those used to sweetened and flavored commercial cider. It's natural and refined, bringing the essence of apples and natural fermentation without shoving either in your face. Chew on it a bit and you’ll find it has some body and viscosity to it you won’t find in many other canned ciders. The age of canned premium cider is upon us.

Serving Suggestion:

Enjoy chilled but not cold. We paired it with homemade gluten-free pizza but it would be great on its own as well.

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